The Number One Community Coaching Program Just For Salon Owners...
Join 400 Other Thriving Salon Owners Inside
You'll Never Feel Lost Or Alone In Business Ever Again!

The Community Coaching Program
Just For Salon Owners...
Never Feel Lost Or Alone In Business
Ever Again!

Group Coaching And Mentorship
For Salon Owners Looking For Growth, Freedom and Balance!

Group Coaching And Mentorship
For Salon Owners Looking For Growth, Freedom and Balance!

To Start, Watch This Very Short Message From Salonology Founders Hollie and Ryan

To Start, Watch This Very Short Message From Hollie and Ryan

So, Is Gold Club Right For You?

Who Gold Club Is For

Gold Club is for salon owners who want MORE.  Maybe that’s more money, more holidays or more time with their family.

It’s for people who know deep down that they could be operating their business and their life at a higher level but they aren’t quite sure how to get there.  What they’ve tried hasn’t elevated them to the heights they’d like and they are ready for a new way of doing things.

The truth of the matter is that you might only be a few subtle tweaks away from an entire new business; one which serves you better and gives you the life you truly want.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large salon, a tiny salon, fifty employees or zero employees.  What we teach can help either way.  It also matters not which part of the industry you serve; we’ve members specialising in hair, beauty, aesthetics, holistic treatments, reflexology, make up and more. The chances are we can help you… and that you’ll fit in to our family.

If you work in the salon industry, you’re a business owner, you’ve a positive outlook and you’re ready to try some different things to get some different results then you’ll be a good fit.

BUT Gold Club Is NOT For Everyone

BUT Gold Club 
Is NOT For Everyone

We really can’t stress that part enough.

We don’t want to work with “everyone” and there will be some who frankly will be a terrible fit and should not join.

If you’re a real moaner who is outwardly pessimistic about just about everything then this won’t be for you.  This is a positive space and we want to keep it that way.  We can’t have those Debbie Downer types smearing their negativity all over our members.  If that's you, please don't join.

Likewise, this isn’t going to be a good space for you if you’re looking for a silver bullet or a “get rich quick” scheme.  We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but they are a work of fiction. 

The way to the top is following proven methods which have worked for others, continually trying new things and a steely determination to make it.  Seriously, forget what the MLM brigade are telling you.

So, What Exactly Is Gold Club?

Salonology Gold Club is the original community coaching program for salon owners of all shapes and sizes, now with around 400 members and entering it’s sixth year (with many members still with us all the way from day one - which should tell you something).

It’s a combination of live coaching and mentorship, inspiration for your business, training for all the bits of your business that nobody told you you needed to know to be a success (but that you really do, such as marketing)… all wrapped up in just about the friendliest and most inspiring community you’ll find in the salon world (so we’re told).

Let’s break some of that down so you know exactly what you’re getting when you join us…

🌟 Monthly Group Q&A call with Hollie and Ryan 🌟

So we can personally help you, every month, with anything you’re currently stuck with - having years of experience doing this, thousands of others helped and having had our own day spa and salon for a decade means there isn’t much we haven’t seen or can’t help with...

🌟 Monthly salon marketing inspiration with Hollie’s famous “Oracle” training 🌟

Every month Hollie goes live and breaks down exactly what she’d be doing if we still owned our salon.  Literally all of the ideas you could ever want - so that you can tweak and deploy into your business.  If you struggle with coming up with fresh stuff for your business then this will be a godsend for you.  Heck, we even give you content you can share on your socials.

🌟 Access to the brand new Salonology ‘Hub’ with dozens of video courses with actionable steps to start moving you forward 🌟

Updated quarterly, and kinda like Netflix™ but for salon owners you will have at your fingertips a series of trainings from us which all take around one hour and are designed to help you conquer one area of your business.  From time management to marketing to pricing for profit, we’ve got you covered.

🌟 Other experts on hand to take you where you want to go 🌟

Two experts not enough for you? Well, good news as we’ve dozens of other guest experts we’ve invited into our Hub to also record special training sessions for you!  From Facebook Ads to making the most of your reception area we’ve some industry big hitters who’ve recorded these sessions exclusively for our members.

🌟 Woo-Woo Corner for, well, the woo-woo crowd 🌟

We’re definitely not above trying new things here at Salonology and we also like to tap into our spiritual sides too.  We’ve a special area within our Hub for those who feel the same way.  Here you’ll find guided meditations from our resident expert as well as hypnotherapy sessions with our Hollie to help remove some of the most common blocks we see salon owners face. 

 Suffer from imposter syndrome?  Struggle to charge your worth?  Let Hollie help you over these issues once and for all (and yes, she’s a fully qualified hypnotherapist).

🌟 The famous Gold Club Members’ Summit for those who like in-person stuff 🌟

For the last three years we’ve had over one hundred “Goldies” (that’s what our members are affectionately called) attend our annual pilgrimage to Birmingham for a day of inspiration, learning and action taking.  We even wrap the event up with our own awards night celebration and party!

So, Sound Like A Bit Of You?

Ultimately, you’ve a couple of choices now…

Option one is do click away from this page, do nothing and try and convince yourself that you’ll get around to it some other day when really we both know that you probably won’t.

We know, we know, the timing isn’t quite right at the moment and you’ve dozens of other things to juggle.  Well, that’s life.  There will always be heaps of things going on.  If you want to start seeing some different results in your business and your life then the time to take action is NOW.

Option two is go for it.  You’ve nothing to lose (we offer a money back guarantee if you think it’s a load of codswallop) and everything to gain.  If not now, then when?  If you’re anything like most people then you’ve been thinking that you might need to make some changes for a while now… otherwise you wouldn’t have kept reading this far.

If you’re looking for a sign… THIS IS IT.  Come join us.  Have a little watch of the videos below which outline the experience that others have had from working with us.  They too were once reading a page like this wondering if this was the real deal or if they were going to get scammed.

If you’re unhappy with some of what is showing up in your life then you’ve got to change some of inputs. Just carrying on doing the same things will just get you more of the same.

The good news is that for many they are only a few tweaks or minor changes away from a completely different business.

One which actually lights them up…

One which gives them more than one annual holiday abroad…

One which makes them a decent profit…

It’s not rocket science and if you’re willing to study the materials, take onboard some guidance and throw yourself in at the deep end then you can enjoy all of those trappings too, just like hundreds of others who’ve come before you.

Or, just keep doing what you’re doing and be unhappy with your results.  

It’s your call.

We know what we have can help - and it’s priced within reach of anyone who is serious about making some changes.

Not only that but you can get started for just £67 - how cool is that?

You’ll scoff in months to come at the craziness of the monthly commitment - it’s less than what most people spend on dinner out - for something which could completely change your life.  Seriously.

Hollie and Ryan :) 

Got Questions?  We Have Answers!

Got Questions?
We Have Answers!

What happens if I don’t like it?

We don’t shackle anyone into staying… our members stay because they love it and they get results.   You are therefore welcome to leave at any time.

There is no tie in, no binding contracts, no shenanigans. Just stay for as long as you wish… and if you try it and feel it’s a load of rubbish then let us know and you can have your money back

 We can’t say fairer than that, can we?

Am I tied in to a long contract?

Absolutely not, we’re not Vodafone! 

 You’ll only remain a member for as long as you pay your monthly membership and you can leave at any time.

How much is the investment?

An annual membership is just £597.

Or you can pay monthly for a mere £67 per month - with no additional joining fee - and save over £200 per year!

What about if I don’t want to pay monthly?

We also have an annual membership option for you to choose from. 

In fact, it’s the wise choice as you’ll save over £200 per year this way.

Remember also this is an expense for your business and as such will be tax deductible (although do speak with your accountant).

I work on my own, will this work for me?

Absolutely!  Gold Club isn’t just for big High Street salons.  We have members who work from garden cabins, members who work mobile and plenty of members who work alone.  The strategies we teach will work for any shape or size of salon.

In fact, solopreneurs often get an added benefit - no longer feeling as though they are going it alone in business. It can be lonely in business and Gold Club is a ready made family who will welcome you with open arms… and understand exactly what you’re going through.

Is your new Growth and Freedom Salon Blueprint included?

Our brand new program is not automatically included as a part of our Gold Club membership... but it can be added to your order with one click as an additional purchase for just £297.

You'll have access to that if added to your order for as long as you remain a Gold Club member.

How do I know you’re the real deal?

We have around 400 members at present in our Gold Club who pay us each and every month.  That should speak volumes.  Not only that but we’ve helped thousands of salon owners with our various books, courses and programs.

We like to believe we’re well thought of and respected within this space now that we’ve been doing it for almost a decade.  Our 100 five star Google reviews reflect this, too (see those here).

Furthermore, we've been where you are. Before we started helping others we owned our own day spa and salon. Over the decade of ownership we grew it from nothing to nine columns, two lounges, a dozen staff and a whole host of awards. The same methods we used to achieve that we teach right here within Gold Club... strategies that were worth hundreds of thousands of pounds of collected revenue to us. We hold nothing back and lay it all out for you to copy. 

You can hear from some of our happy members and their transformational experiences toward the bottom of this page.

Current List Of Courses Included With Your Gold Club Membership

Courses From Hollie And Ryan

Facebook Mastery
Using Leaflets To Fly Under The Radar
Your Website Essentials
Selling With Video Workshop
Recruit and Retain
Get Your Pricing Right
3 Days To More Bookings
Time Management Like A Rockstar
The Ultimate Google Review Guide
Salon Marketing Essentials
Full Diary Formula
How To Send Emails That Get You Clients
Profitable Upselling

Plus new content added EVERY QUARTER! 

Courses From Other Trusted Experts and Friends Of Salonology

Why Reception Matters with Valerie Delforge
Essential Instagram with Vivienne Johns
Local SEO with Benji Weller
Salon Memberships with Cait Muir
How To Get Free PR with Michelle and Christian Ewen
Instagram For Today with Kat Rose
Google Ads with Natasha Conway
Seven Crucial Numbers You Must Know with Jo Wood
The Transformational Sales Method with Pete Scott
Writing Better Copy with Laura McDouall
Facebook Ads with Scott Dance
Leading A Team with Sam Humby Frost

Plus, Gold Club members get exclusive access to our ‘Woo-Woo Corner’ section with heaps of guided meditation and hypnotherapy sessions... all of this as well as our mentorship, live coaching calls and so much more!

All for less than most people pay for coffee each year!

Finally, Some Experiences
Of Other Gold Club Members

We will leave you with the experiences of some other Gold Club members.

If you want to take the next step then simply hit the big blue button underneath the videos to get started.

If you're unsure if this is a good fit for you and want to talk to us about it then you can apply for a free strategy call by hitting the orange button.  Either way, take some action.  You must want to change something if you're still reading... and this might just be the best thing you've ever done for the future versions of you and your business.

We hope to see you inside, 

Hollie and Ryan :) 

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